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Places of Interest


Visit Kanoni Corfu’s visual signature. Enjoy the world-wide famous scenery of the two famous islets (Pontikonisi and Vlaherena).(approx 600 mtrs) Kanoni is cut off from the rest of the island on the west side by a lagoon, named lake Halikiopoulos which to be an important hydro-biotope that shelters various migrating birds.

Mon Repos Palace

Visit Mon Repos Palace. The palace is surrounded by magnificent park. It was built in 1826 by the British Commissioner Frederic Adams (aprox. 1km).


Visit Paleopolis, the ancient city of Corfu, which is located opposite the Palace of Mon Repos. (aprox. 1km).

Kassopitra Monastery

Visit Kassopitra monastery. This monastery stands in a valley full of old olive-trees near the tip of the Kanoni peninsula. The monastery was first built in 1721 and it was rebuilt in its present form in 1850. (approx 200m).

Corfu Old Town

Visit Corfu Old Town. Which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. Built among two fortresses and within fortifications, it became famous due to its beautiful architecture and its elegant Venetian and French style buildings. (aprox. 4km).